Infrared Vision with the FLIR Systems i3

flir i3 images

FLIR Systems has been at the forefront of infrared technology for decades. As the world’s largest company specializing in the design and production of thermal imaging cameras, for many years FLIR’s target markets were geared towards high-end military, industrial and government markets. This was largely a function of the significant costs involved with this form […]

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Finally! An Affordable Infrared Camera…and Thermometer!

FLIR TG165 camera

During construction of the Panama Canal, Teddy Roosevelt once famously said “if you build it they will come.” FLIR Systems clearly channeled the 26th President with the introduction of the FLIR TG165 Imaging Infrared Thermometer. Designed to fit within the niche market between a traditional digital thermometer and a thermal imaging camera, the TG165 can […]

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Infrared Images with the FLIR E4

FLIR E4 Review

If you’re old enough to remember when the personal computer first began to get popular, you will recall looking at them in the store and thinking someone must have made a typing error with the price tag. A seemingly exorbitant price for something that you weren’t quite sure exactly how much use you would get […]

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