Laser Technology: Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Thermometers

Modern technologies promote the emergence of new inventions that enhance lifestyle and work performance. The new scientific technology era brings on laser technology in the form of Infrared thermometer which is widely used in many scopes of life and industries for an accurate measurement of temperature on any object. A body or environment could be measured using blackbody radiation for its particle emission that records a temperature.

Laser Thermometers Applications

Laser technology thermometers work on a simple physics concept where molecules of matter are constantly in motion to generate a temperature that is recorded using laser thermometers. A laser thermometer using infrared feature could convert the infrared energy of the targeted object into electrical signals be fore displaying them into temperature units.

Laser Technology


There is no physical contact on the target with the laser thermometer held at a distance. A digital display of the object’s temperature is viewed on the LED panel in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

There are many advantages of using a laser technology like thermometer in various applications. There are also various disadvantages of a laser thermometer in certain applications. Hence, the user must understand these before deciding on its choice for any application.

Laser technology is commonly applied in infrared thermometers as applied widely in clinics and hospitals. These environments use laser thermometers to capture the patients’ temperature without any form of physical contact for greater degree of safety especially with contagious diseases.

Such dynamic measuring devices are also extensively used in measuring the temperature in foods to be served. The food could be either hot or cold to determine its temperature. This is known as the cooking thermometer. The infrared cooking thermometer is commonly used by chefs who are picky about the right temperature of their foods before serving to their patrons.

Laser thermometers are also extensively used in various industries on heat leakages. This is a highly useful device to ensure safety at the work place particularly in high danger manufacturing environments during production at various phases. The laser thermometers are able to warn supervisors of impending dangers when the heavily operated machineries are heated up too much before a meltdown or breakdown.

Firefighters apply the laser thermometers in their fire fighting episodes to determine the danger level of the fire as a warning to themselves before going into the burning building or hot fire areas. Better precautions could be applied when these firefighters have the right knowledge about the true condition of the fire they are facing so that no unnecessary loss of lives would come about. Fewer injuries would be incurred if the firefighters are able to determine the heat level of the fire through the laser thermometer without going too near for a measurement. Hence, their lives are not endangered and they are better equipped to fight the fire.

Laser Technology Advantages : Thermometer

A laser thermometer is becoming more and more popular among consumers and industrial users. This is a non-contact thermometer that can record the temperature of an object in question without having any physical contact to get the desired measurement.

As long as the path between the laser thermometer and the object is unobstructed, the laser thermometer could easily pick up the temperature of the object in a couple of seconds. Laser thermometers are now designed to have this unique capacity of measurement for a quick temperature display which is in digital form. The laser thermometer is deemed to be highly accurate and quick in providing the best of results on temperature measurement for any object targeted.

The myriad of sophisticated and dynamic models of laser thermometer is highly attractive to suit the different environments and applications in the market today. Changing technologies help consumers and industries take on the best of temperature measuring devices like laser thermometers to enhance their productivity, safety and applications.

Such laser thermometers are dynamically designed to be portable and durable with user friendly features. These come with an affordable price tag that makes it an attractive temperature measurement gadget to have in and outside the home or office. Accurate temperatures could be measured without physical contact for extra safety.

Dynamic laser thermometers are being designed to capture the temperature of an object at quite a distance away whether in hot or cold states. One of the dynamic advantages of laser thermometers is the instant results on the temperature of the target. Hence, work is executed immediately with the instant temperature displayed by the laser thermometer.

Laser Thermometer Disadvantages

There are certain disadvantages of laser thermometers although its advantages outweigh its disadvantages. Nevertheless, it is wise to take note of the disadvantages to prevent a wrong application and disastrous results.

The laser thermometer works basically using the laser principle. A hot or cold substance emits a certain amount of heat. Hot objects would have their molecules vibrating more actively which the laser measures its velocity before converting into a temperature reading.

A true or accurate temperature could only be secured if the laser thermometer is directed at the right object without any obstruction. It is easy to procure inaccurate or wrong temperature readings if the thermometer device is not aptly handled. The wrong radiation emission could be picked up and disastrous results could happen especially with lives are involved.

Although it is easy to learn how to use or handle the laser thermometer gun, some proper training should be advocated to ensure the proper application for an accurate and safe implementation. The laser is emitted from a particular region for an accurate temperature reading. Hence, the laser ray must be accurately aimed at the right targeted surface for measurement.

The laser ray path cannot be viewed except for the red dot on the surface of the objected pointed at. Unsteady hands could misguide the red dot with inaccurate temperature readings.

Another disadvantage of laser thermometers is the influence of its surroundings. A hot object emits heat radiation which could be picked up by the laser thermometer. Hence, temperature readings could be inaccurate if there are many objects around the target object.

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