Infrared Cooking Safety Tips

infrared grilled wings

There is a new way to cook food. Infrared cooking uses ultraviolet light to food to allow it to heat through and will allow the food to cook. Many people wonder if this new technology is safe. They are worried that infrared lights will harm the food and make it unsafe to eat. They are […]

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Infrared Heaters Benefits Make it Unique

Infrared Heaters Benefits

When there is cold atmosphere outside every person needs something to keep himself warm. Every time one cannot put on lots of clothes for that purpose so they use heaters to make their house warm. Heaters also come in many types but the one which is most preferred is infrared heaters. As it is economical, […]

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Cabinet Infrared Heater from Homegear

infrared heater reviews

With the costs of just about everything in our daily life continuing to rise, one unavoidable annual expense that homeowners typically looks for ways to reduce is their energy bill during the winter months. While there are many ways homeowners can heatproof their home and save money by reducing drafts and the like, during long, […]

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Impressive Infrared Heater: Lifesmart LifePro

best infrared heater 2015

Infrared technology is increasingly present in mainstream applications such as cooking, heating and in diagnostic instruments. You can even find infrared saunas and propane infrared turkey fryers!!! In terms of heating however they have gained great popularity of late due to their efficiency as a form of zone heating which will keep a room or […]

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