Simple Guide to Digital Infrared Thermometer

The advance digital technology today sprouts forth advanced digital products such as the digital infrared thermometer that is a highly versatile tool for consumers in many sectors. The domestic, commercial and industrial sectors are enjoying the dynamics of the digital IR thermometer replacing the conventional gas and liquid options.

History and Overview

Conventional gas and liquid thermometers were found to lack accuracies in their temperature measurements. This was tolerated until progressive technologies corrected the lack with mercury used as the viable standard of measurement.

Infrared Thermometer

The Fahrenheit temperature scale was designed to generate reliable temperatures but in the late 20th century, the mercury-based infrared thermometer was deemed to be risky for handling as mercury was a highly volatile element. The progressive technology to digital quickly replaced it with digital versions.

Digital thermometers operate on similar basic temperature measurement principles with a temperature sensor that converts the temperature change into a digital display. The digital infrared thermometer engaged the thermal resistor which applies a circuit to translate the temperature change resistance into the desired temperature display.

Impact of Digital Thermometer

As digital technology impacts the consumer market, it is not surprising for digital thermometers to make an equally dynamic impact. The range of applications for digital thermometer has expanded to include commercial, domestic and industrial sector applications.

Household digital infrared thermometers became highly popular in the form of medical thermometers where consumers could measure their own body temperature accurately, quickly and confidently without rushing to the hospital all the time. These thermometers could be purchased in local drugstores at affordable prices besides online access and delivery.

Weather stations are quick in engaging digital thermometers with an adoption of the digital infrared models for all its indoor/outdoor temperature measurements. Environmental humidity could be measured precisely at affordable costs in wireless and wired versions.


Digital thermostats are preferred over the analog models with the preferred benefit of high savings on heating bills. These programmable digital thermostats could be set for an automatic turn on or off for high energy savings. Energy Star ratings approve such energy saving devices to offer attractive tax rebates as best outcomes for the consumers at the end of the day.

Infrared Thermometer: Benefits and Types

Digital thermometers are designed to overcome the health risk issues of mercury-based thermometers besides enhancing the measurement precision of its temperature reading. Moreover, the digital display on these modern thermometers is more preferred over the analog models for a quick and clear reading.

Digital thermometers are dynamically designed with an advanced heat sensor which incorporates advance sensor technology of infrared sensors for more accurate body temperature measurement. These thermometers are available in various shapes, sizes, styles and precisions with different vibrant add-ons that make each thermometer model highly unique and functional for its specific application.

1) Ear Thermometer

A common and favorable digital thermometer found in the homes is the ear thermometer. This has become a common household item even in schools and clinics where a simple measurement provides the best of information on the individual’s health condition before rushing to the emergency ward.

2) Rectal Thermometer

Although available in the market, other lesser known digital thermometers in the market include oral and armpit measurement devices. The rectal digital thermometer used to be commonly engaged in hospitals and clinics but the practice has declined greatly in view of its awkward manipulation and the availability of the ear thermometer.

3) Pacifier Thermometer

The pacifier digital thermometer works well with difficult babies experiencing poor health or discomfort in the body. It looks very much like the baby pacifier with full waterproof feature that allows babies to suck on as their temperature is taken orally. There would more success with taking the temperature of babies or toddlers who could be hyperactive or uncooperative.

The digital pacifier works with a button to start the measurement as the baby sucks on it safely and a ‘done’ beep indicates a successful reading quickly. Such thermometers include a built-in memory to store past temperature readings for later reviews and comparisons.

Selection for Purchase

Purchasing a digital thermometer could be a daunting task for those who are unfamiliar with the features and technology of today.

Good digital thermometers are highly popular in the market today with the emergence of infrared technology that is quickly incorporated into thermometer devices for greater ease in temperature measurements. Such inventions aid in simplifying the measurement with greater accuracy and reliability.

The best of digital thermometers involves laser technology in measuring temperature accurately without physical contact. The laser thermometer in the form of a gun for easy handling could just aim at the targeted object for an accurate temperature.

The infrared energy emitted from these targets is captured by infrared thermometers quickly and accurately. A small space suffices to have the targets measured for their temperatures.

Consumers may choose the best of infrared digital thermometers which come in various designs and sizes. Top brands and thermometer manufacturers offer the best of choices to consumers in all sectors including the likes of commercial and domestic users and applications. The preferred infrared thermometer must function to meet the specific requirements of the application.

A good lens is crucial to ensure a dynamic functioning of the infrared thermometer with hard plastic handling for durability yet ensuring a comfortable grip. The captured temperature measurement is displayed in LED format for easy reading. The appearance of a small red point by the laser ensures accuracy in securing the temperature of the desired item or surface.


Consumers must know the features of an infrared thermometer in their quest for the best option in the market. There is a myriad of applications which could be applied with an infrared thermometer that provides electronic digital readings.

Different types of infrared thermometers could be chosen based on the specific application in specific environment for the best results. As technology progresses, it has become affordable to purchase a good quality infrared thermometer that fulfills the desired purpose without hurting the pocket.

More consumers can enjoy the dynamics of the digital thermometer using infrared technology today.

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