Benefits of Infrared Grilling

Benefit of infrared grillAn Infrared grill is a newer type of grill that bears a burner with ceramic tiles. These tiles are heated by natural or propane gas leading to the production of infrared radiation which aids in cooking. The grill technology ensures the heat is evenly distributed to all parts of the cooking surface with temperatures going to as much as 700 degrees. Infrared grills gain advantages over other types of grills by utilizing infrared radiation to heat the food directly rather than using hot air. Moreover, though the food cooked on this grill almost tastes similar to food cooked on other grill, it has a better heat control system, uniform heat source and spends less time cooking.

Benefits of an Infrared Grill

Choosing an infrared grill over other types such as charcoal mainly is influenced by the following capabilities that come with it. Below are the benefits that this newer version of grill has to offer over the other grills in the market.


Though time it is not the only advantage that infrared grill has over the other types, it has the capability to warm up and cook food much faster than the other types of grills. This is because it operates at a much higher temperatures which can go to as high as 700 degrees within 7 minutes. In addition, since the food is cooked on heat which is evenly distributed, it is cooked much more evenly with less time. It also requires you less time and effort to prepare the grill apparatus compared to the traditional charcoal grill.

Food Taste

Considering that the heat is evenly distributed over the cooking surface, there is absolute no chance of having the food over cooked not cooked enough. This adds more health benefit since the food is made safer/healthy to eat.

Less Energy Consumption

Since the heat is directly transferred from the source to the food, there is assurance of no heat loss. Moreover, it also allows you to use the more rigid temperatures while cooking due to the fact that energy is not affected by the cold. Lastly, bearing in mind that the grill uses radiation technology in its cooking, only less energy is required to heat the cooking surface. This saves a lot of energy while cooking.


Compared to other grills in the market, the infrared technology has made the grill to be the hottest there is in the market. It gets up to 700 degrees in less time estimated at 7 minutes. High temperatures are achieved by producing a more of it in order to produce more temperatures while cooking.

Easy Cleanup

infrared grillInfrared grills do not require bbq heat shields or plates hanging between the burners and grilling plates. Moreover it does not require lava rocks that usually get greasy and dirty making it impossible to clean. These types of grills clean the food falling off the burner by incinerating it. This makes the grill easier to clean. Though there might be some food held in the grilling grates, food is cleaned off by letting the grill heat to about 1400 degrees and within no time the grill dose its self-cleaning leaving it cooking grates spackling clean.

Durability of the Grill Electrodes

Most of other types of grills ignitor electrodes need replacing within 12 months of service. The reason behind this being their electrode resembles a sparkplug and as the plug gets greasy, and bearing in mind that to find a steel to light is almost impossible, the grill ignitor goes bad forever. But in infrared grills, electrodes are set above the burner keeping the ignitior clean at all-times hence making it more durable than the alternatives.

Simmer to Sear

Through the technology of infrared, the grill has achieved in winning the capability of cooking anything. This variant in temperature also contributes much more in saving the energy that is used in cooking the food at all times. It also sees that food can be cooked at different temperatures without adding more fuel in case the food requires more energy to burn. This also makes it the best in searing meat, providing uniform heat and cut down on flare ups.

No Flare Ups

One of the greatest challenges of cooking with other types of grills being flare ups, the infrared grill virtually eliminates this issue. Mostly flares are witnessed when grease drips from the food being cooked and gets instantly ignited. Using infrared grills, this problem is no longer your concern since any flare ups will ever occur.

Quantity Cooked

With infrared grills, you need not to worry about the quantity of food to cook at any particular moment since the heat is often distributed equally over the cooking surface. No matter the quantity, these grills can cook as much as you want simultaneously without needing more heat.

In conclusion, considering all the above aspect of this newest grill technology, it is in order to say that it is one of the best when it comes to cooking anything in the house. They also have the capability of self-cleaning and even though infrared grills are more expensive compared to other grill types in the market, they are quiet efficient in their cooking and saves much more in energy than the other types. This helps in cutting down the cost of energy being consumed thus reducing the operation cost.

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