About Us

About Us

Welcome to Gun and Camera! I know what you are thinking, the words “gun and camera” go together like peanut butter and jelly, Right? Not in the least but for our website this combination makes perfect sense. As our tag line suggests, we are “Everything Infrared”. So whether its temperature guns, otherwise called infrared thermometers, or thermal imaging cameras, GunandCamera.com is all about infrared products.

Gun and Camera is maintained by Christopher Hale. With a full-time career in the healthcare industry, Christopher has taken what has become a hobby and turned it into an information depository for consumers and businesses alike. But how did this website brainchild of Christopher’s come about?

One Day at Work

Sitting at his desk one summer afternoon, Christopher noticed that he was getting unusually hot in his office. The AC unit had stopped working for whatever reason. Of course, he called this into maintenance and they rushed to fix the issue. Christopher observed the team as they work vigorously to get the cold air back on. Once they were successful, he noticed one of the guys take out a tool gun of sorts that he pointed to one of the vents in his office. Christopher asked what that tool did, and the maintenance man replied that it was a laser thermometer to gauge how cold the air was coming out of the vent. Confused, Christopher asked how this toy-like tool gun could take a temperature without even touching what they were measuring. The maintenance man had no answer leading to Christopher the researching the ins and outs of what we he now found out to be called technically an “infrared thermometer”. So has it, many years later, Christopher has owned and tested many brands of temperature guns and brings his knowledge now onto the web.

But Why Thermal Imaging Cameras?

Well, to answer that with another question, Why Not? I mean if this is what a thermal camera can do, why wouldn’t we want to cover them on Gun and Camera (watch video)

Always laugh at that! We do realize that thermal imaging cameras are fun to use (i.e. the video) however these devices are very expensive and serve better purposes. Due to their infrared capabilities, of course Christopher was interested.

Birth of His Brainchild

One’s Hobby turned into website. GunandCamera.com is loaded with information regarding infrared products. Topics on the site include instruction, brand comparison and reviews. Our blog has great tips such as “How to Save Money with an Infrared Thermometer” or “Quicker, Quieter, and more Accurate Way to Take your Baby’s Temperature”.

Our goal is to be the internet’s infrared product authority. And with that said, we are expanding into more infrared products soon such as infrared grills and heaters. Articles and reviews will appear soon in those categories but bookmark us as we update our content weekly.

Our Reviews

One section of our website is dedicated to product reviews. As it’s one of more popular categories for our reader’s, we wanted to explain our 5-star rating system. At the end of each product review, you will see “G&C’s Overall Rating” and then an actual rating of 1-5 stars. Now, we will go ahead and say that if the product has a review on our website, we definitely recommend it. If it isn’t on our site, it just doesn’t make the cut. But do realize that some products are only good for certain purposes such as cooking/grilling or HVAC technician, so please read the entire review to make sure the benefits of the product.

Our overall rating is based on 4 requirements: ease of use, accuracy, durability and price based on features. And we do understand with any new product, it is so easy to open up the packaging, install the batteries and begin playing. However, we recommend always reading the instruction manual first! Your product will not only be easier to use, but you will get the full benefits from it. You made an investment. Protect it by reading how to maintain your thermometer or camera in areas such as calibration. We read so many bad reviews of products online where if the consumer had read the manual then they would have had a better experience.

Your Support

We understand that infrared products aren’t everyone’s passion but for those of you that have visited our website we say THANK YOU! It’s no very expensive but we do pay a bit out of pocket maintaining this site. Hopefully, the information has helped you to become more educated in these products and in your buying decision. If you would like to help support us to keep this site alive (not asking for a donation or running a telethon), you can do so by making your purchase through our affiliate links found within our articles and reviews. By doing so, we receive a commission from the trusted e-commerce websites you purchase from without any extra costs to you. If you decide to do so, we are forever grateful and let us know that you did by sending us a message through our contact page. We would love to hear from you!

Mission Possible

GunandCamera.com has one mission to be: The Authority of Infrared Products on the Internet. Hopefully we are on the right path.

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Thanks for visiting and your support!